About Us


As a precision thermoplastic moulding company, Ram Industries has expertise in processing all engineering thermoplastic polymers.

We manufacture injection moulded parts in low to high volume production runs from our 5000 sqft facility, housing machinery with capacities up to 320 tons and a shot weight of up to 650 grams. We supply into a broad range of industry sectors including mobile, electronics and piping industry and we pride ourselves on delivering a dependable plastic moulding service to your supply chain.

We can provide your injection moulded parts in any standard injection mouldable polymer and in any volume you require.

Sub-assemblies can also be created as part of our plastic injection moulding services and packaged to your requirements. The same applies for various finishing processes.


  • Chrome plating of plastic
  • Painting
  • Pad printing
  • Packaging
  • Injection moulding quality control